Joining Swinger Club

Joining Swinger Club

If you and your partner are a loving couple and have just begun swinging or you and your partner have being swinging for sometime the internet offers great information about swinging clubs all around the world that you and your partner can join.

Be warn though, most swinger’s clubs will charge you and your partner an annual membership fee which includes your year round entry, monthly newsletters, notification and entry to special events and parties, and the use of the facilities within the club. It is advised that before joining or signing any documents read the fine prints and conditions of entry. If you are still in doubt, then why not send an email to a prospect club to make further enquires about its’ memberships and its’ facilities.

As most swingers’ clubs are licensed private club, therefore they only allow people who are true swinging members. To assure the safety and identity of each and every one of its members, any one who wishes to join must be screened. The common screening process use may be something like this:

  1. All applicants either have to be a couple or single female.

  2. All applicants should have an open-mine about human sexuality.

  3. Clubs staff will randomly call your nominated telephone number for an interview. This is to ensure that you and your partner are a true couple and not a single male trying to hoax as being a couple relationships.

  4. Some clubs will do an email interview or an interview conducted at the club’s office. This allows them to complete the necessary information required and to make sure that you and partner are true swinging couples.

The screening process not only provides the club with information required, but also to ensure the safety, security, and privacy within the club for its member.

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