Swinger Club's Rules

Each and every swinger’s clubs will differ in rules due the different country’s legislation.

Here are some general rules that you should expect when attending swinger’s clubs:

  • There will be an age restriction for entry. Depending on which country, it would usually range from +18 years old or over to +25 years old or over.

  • Membership will be required at most clubs and a membership fee maybe required.

  • Some clubs will NOT accept single male swingers.

  • There maybe clothes requirement in some clubs. This may include having members to remove all clothing and wear a towel before entering private areas of the club.

  • Some club’s parties and events maybe operated “on-premises” while other may be held “off-premises”.

  • A large majority of swinger’s clubs will not allow any photographic or video recording equipment to be taken into the club. This will also include mobile phone with in-built cameras.

  • All clubs prohibits the use of any kinds of drugs and other substances.

No matter where and which swinger club you and your partner go to. It is advised that you either call the place you plan to go to find out their club rules or hop on to their website (if they have one) for further details.

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